Luxurious Palace
in Korčula town

  • 15th Century stone palace
  • 15 meters from the sea
  • Completely renovated in a traditional manner
  • Luxuriously furnished
  • 40 sqm. shop on a base level, like a museum - suitable for a gallery, gift shop, etc.
  • Rental income from 15-20.000 € per year
  • Spacious living room 40 sqm, bar
  • Equipped kitchen and dining room
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • To be sold with furniture
  • Great opportunity for lovers of traditional and antiquity
  • Energy rating: E
  • Ref: 338/44

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The value of historical heritage was always important to most European nations.  Famous emperor Napoleon, in his military campaign against Egypt, besides soldiers, took  hundreds of scientists who have investigated and documented everything of archaeological value found on Egyptian soil. Perhaps the most important result was the discovery of “Rosetta Stone” marble slab on which was carved the “key” to decipher hieroglyphics.

In today’s modern times full of computers and gadgets people desire for antique and historical artifacts are even stronger. Everyone would like to posses something that no others have, for instance Chinese cup from the Ming Dynasty 500 years old for $ 36 million, or a medieval palace in Korcula also 500 years old for 269,000 Euro on which floors were once walked bishops, princes, nobles. Definitely Chinese cup and Korcula’s palace are unique and inimitable.

Our medieval palace surrounded by city walls, located in the old town of Korcula which is so called “Little Dubrovnik”, has an area of four levels of 40 sqm each. At ground level is an attractive office space, decorated like a museum, with stone floors and walls, wooden construction beams.  Once rented it can make 15 to 20,000 € per year. On there levels above is a spacious resident area. The house has been recently completely renovated. To be sold with furniture.

Or … perhaps you would rather like a Chinese cup for $ 36 million?