350.000 €

of the medal…

  • Traditional stone house
  • 20 meters away from the sea
  • The interior is recently renovated
  • Top furnished and equipped
  • 230 m2 of living space
  • Ground floor, first floor, high attic
  • Attractive and modern interior lighting
  • Stone stairs from the living to the sleeping area
  • Living room 50 m2
  • Kitchen, dining room, bar
  • 2 bedrooms with bathroom on the first floor
  • Stone balcony
  • Apartment in a high attic 70 m2
    - spacious living area with fireplace
    - sleeping space
    - bathroom, toilet
  • Air-conditioned
  • Terrace
  • Jacuzzi for four
  • Ref: 393-B/77

Being successful in these areas was once reserved only for the wealthy seamen who usually spent their retirement days in luxurious well-decorated villas, situated near the sea what offer a permanent connection with all sea memories. People use to say – put just a finger into the sea and you are connected to the whole world!

At the same time that means connection with good and bad experiences as the sea is not always calm. When it goes wild the ships wreck like a towers of sand or sank to the deep and dark blue sea. That is why after each visit to the harbor seamen celebrates the life, enjoying everything on the mainland. Therefore, it is no surprise that seamen like beautiful things, artwork, selected items, exotic plants in their gardens, special and rare drinks, a pleasant society and above all beautiful women. They never missed them.

And.. a pious man, the more sinful the more forgiveness he needs. They returned back to their women bringing rich gifts, jewelry, richly decorated homes. So our sailor built wife’s house next to his (The Prestige of the Captain…), even more luxurious and richer than own, hidden from the curious local eyes and ears. It was a woman’s home, the place where the children grew up, and where they had their joys, liveliness, drunkenness, relaxation.

Joys, liveliness and relaxation were the guiding principles of the last architect. The house is optimized for entertaining, socializing and relaxation. On the ground floor there is a separate room with a jacuzzi for four people, large living room with bar and kitchen, dining room. On the first floor are two bedrooms, each with a bathroom and a toilet, and in the attic apartment “God and goddess” – open space with fireplace, bed, bathroom and toilet, everything what is necessary. The house also has a terrace for outdoor gatherings. The sea is a step away if the party people become too hot…

Price : 350.000 €