315 000 €

stone HIDDEN

  • only 1270 metres from Town of Korčula
  • 19 metres from the sea, the beach, the yacht
  • recently renovated
  • top furnished and equipped
  • 230 m2 of living space
  • Ground floor, first floor, high attic
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Living room 50 m2
  • Kitchen, dining room, bar
  • Terrace with Jacuzzi for two persons
  • 70 m2 in the attic for hedonists
  • Apartment in a high attic 70 m2
    - open space with fireplace and bathroom
  • Air-conditioned
  • Ref: 393-B/206

Only 1270 m from Korcula, across the channel there is one unforgettable gem with a touch of the past. Captain’s houses, stone palaces, museums of life at sea. Success in these parts was once reserved only for rich seafarers whose houses were lavishly furnished and decorated with valuables from all over the world.

Why this house? We would like to offer you more than walls and square meters, a place for relaxation, romantic comfort, a blend of past and present, jaccuzi for two in the courtyard, protected from prying eyes- a huge advantage.

On the ground floor there is a large living area with its lounge and a pleasant bar, and a specially equipped kitchen and dining area. On hot days you will find refreshments on the terrace in the jaccuzi or walk up to 19 m away from the sea, beach, boat or yacht. On the first floor is the perfect space for a holiday with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In the attic is a special and one of the few stories- a distinctive apartment full of love, to enjoy by the fire. That’s where you’ll feel like time has stopped, watching the stars…… and dream….

Socializing, vividness and relaxation was the guide of the last architect so that such spaces dominate.

Intimate life is the greatest asset of this palace, so we say  that it is the better side of the medal. So make the most of everything could you have…

price: 315 000 €