550.000 €

No, this is not Hollywood …
This is Korčula…

  • beautiful villa lean over the sea
  • On the southern island of Korcula
  • Eternally exposed to the sun
  • In a sweet cove protected from the wind
  • 3 fully furnished apartments
  • 3 terraces (50m2) and balconys (glass and aluminum)
  • 160 m2 of living space
  • Dining rooms with modern kitchens
  • Fully equipped
  • high quality materials
  • 4 large bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • All air conditioned
  • A beautiful outdoor swimming pool with outdoor shower and technical Space
  • 160 m2 cascading gardens full of flowers
  • Cellar, tank 170 m3
  • boat mooring possible
  • Parking
  • Ref: 589/69

Why are we so pretentiously given the name? Because this house has unbalanced great intentions and ambitions, it is real important, boastful and conceited. And it has a very good reason for that!

A newlybuilt villa achieved by a known architect with three apartments, beautiful large outdoor pool, where is the question: ,, who is more beautiful? The Sea or the Pool? ”

It is in the new destination for tourism, enjoyment, relaxation, swimming and for long walks.

Dont forget the rental income that brings, for which they earned 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open concept living room, kitchen and dinning, and certainly that is in such a fantastic place.

The view provides the open sea and the islands of Lastovo and Susac, and on the other side the world-famous forest Korčulan scented pine trees which perfumers crave.

Since it’s in the south island of Korcula, has approximately 300 sunny days per year to heat this modern villa with 160m2 of living space and his three terraces, two balconies and the huge outdoor pool.

Price: 550.000 €