KORČULA on the sea…

  • Town of Korčula
  • Apartment on the 1st floor
    of a family house (6m from the ground)
  • First row to the sea : 4 m
  • Stone pier in front : 6 m
  • Boat mooring : 10 m
  • Pebble beach on the side
  • Useful area 104 m2
  • Large entrance hall with wardrobe
  • Living room with balcony
  • Two beautiful bedrooms, large one with shower and toilet
  • View to the sea, old town, Pelješac channel
  • Large bathroom fully equipped
  • Kitchen with dining area
  • Courtyard with cascading gardens 110 m2
  • Full rich vegetation
  • Terrace 20 m2 covered with vines and grapes
  • Auxiliary room - a tavern with a fireplace and terrace
  • Energy rating : D
  • Ref: 707/710

Marco Polo as a kid liked to watch the old town of Korčula from this location, enchanted by the beauty created by the great masters of architecture. Who can even guess what he was thinking about? Maybe his thouts were about the sea, the fish, the ships, the beautiful island’s girls? No way! Marco was dreaming about the distant worlds. If Korčula is such a beauty, what are all the miracles beyond the horizons, what the cities where the galleys or the caravans traveling looks like?

Let us return to reality, to the town of Korčula, a city of timeless beauty, to a pure nature and sea, pleasant climate and gentle inhabitants.

Right at the location, from where every tourist shoot an image of the old town of Korčula, we sell a flat of 104 sqm of living space, with yard of 110 sqm on the back of the house and terrace of 20 sqm and balcony. Sea is almost possible to touch from the sleeping room! In front of the house just across the street there is a coastline and a stone pier which the present owner use for a boat mooring. It is also a place for swimming, sunbathing, or for morning coffee with a toes immersed into the sea. The town of Korčula is just in front.

However, we especially love the terrace behind the house that will be your favorite place to stay during summer’s hot days. Who can resist the shade under the vines, on the terrace surrounded by gardens with flowers and plants? For the winter months it is good to heat up with the fire, so there is a tavern with a fireplace that will, with minor modifications, become your favorite place for a pleasant evenings.

Houses or flats at such a locations in Korčula are a real rarity. Someone said that time is money, in our Agency time or quick response means having a property in the right place.