of the rising sun

  • The most beautiful island of Dalmatia

  • Korčula
South sunny side
between places Brna and Prižba
  • 15 min from ferry to the mainland

  • view from everywhere to the sea

  • Detached house

  • finished ground floor

  • living area of 90 m2
above it the concrete terrace of 12 x 14m

  • where first floor and roof are planned
450 m2 garden full of flowers
exotic and Mediterranean plants
residential neighborhood
living room

  • dining room

  • equipped kitchen

  • three bedrooms

  • two bathrooms
  • all surrounded by terraces on the sea

  • additional utility next to the terrace

  • 25 m2 with living room, kitchen and bathroom

  • open stone barbecue
150 m of concrete pathway to the sea shore and the boat...
  • Ref: 769/812

Sometimes, long time ago, when God walked over the Earth he was “effusing” the life, love, justice, and above all the beauty, from which we have saved some heavenly parts on this island. Parts of the nature which leave us breathless! Vinačac region is among them, where the house we are selling is situated. Left and right, as well as in front, wherever you turn is the azure sea, in the distance lays the island of Lastovo, and behind are the pines and greenery. Simply beautiful! Nobody here complains about polluted air, noise, light pollution, plastic in the sea, etc.

Vinačac is not a desert without signs of life, as one might get on mind. Along the sea shore there is a asphalt road, several houses have been built, there is a public water supply and other public infrastructure necessary for a normal life.

Construction of the house was started about ten years ago, ground floor and a terrace, access from the road, pathway to the sea were built and finished. The existing living area is 90 m2. On top is a terrace of 12 x 14 m where second floor and roof were planned. The house, not only of a rising but also of a sinking sun with unobstructed views of 180 degrees, renovated and finished in the proper way, can become a true paradise during holiday time.