94.000 €

Three minutes apartment

  • Town of Korčula, next to Hober
  • Near the bay of Bon Repos
  • Quiet area

  • Close to the sea, beach, shops

  • Suitable for all-year housing

  • Apartment of 53 m2

  • Ground floor

  • Kitchen with dining area

  • Living space
Bathroom / WC

  • Terrace and garden in front of and behind the apartment
Public parking nearby
  • Ref: 747/88

In smaller towns (such as Korčula), where families are living all year around, it is convenient that apartment is close to almost all necessities for everyday life, a few minutes away, without having to use a car for most need.

The apartment we sell is just like that. The beach in Luka, the gas station, the ferry dock, the shopping center, the health center, the emergency department, the church, the fire brigade, the police, the indoor pool, the school, even the graveyard, are all within a 3-5 minute walk or two minutes of running if you are Modrić or Bolt.

The apartment is located on the ground floor of a small residential building, it has a surface of 53 m2, consists of hallway, kitchen with dining room, living room, large bedroom, bathroom with toilet. The front and back side the apartment has access to a terrace and a garden (flowers and vegetables). When not occupied by other jobs, we suggest that you spend time on the terrace or in the garden, taking care about the plants, or if you prefer meditation and reading, enjoying in fresh air and sun what is abundant here hidden from the wind… and neighbors!

The apartment will wait for you in our Agency, although it has only 53 m2, i.e. 1.700 €/m2, it will refund you everything you gave it… 

It will be yours only if you are fast enough!

Price: 94.000 €