64.000 €


  • apartment in Lumbarda
  • 20 stairs to the sea
  • ideal apartment for summer 2 rooms
  • bathroom with toilet
  • open kitchen
  • 40 m2 garden with fireplace stone table
  • flowers and citrus fruits
  • private parking
  • with sea view
  • a small peaceful and sunny oasis
  • Ref: 49/912

Ideal square meter for happiness and 40 square meters of pure pleasure in the garden with a stone table and barbecue and shade of bungevilla …
Apartment in a quiet and sunny Lumbarda bay, with a view of the sea which is always crystal clear. Having it .. what you can do:

  • spend long summer days and evenings only in swimwear
  • take a towel and whenever you want to go down to the sea in twenty steps, choosing the shade or the sun
  • catch fish, clean it in the sea and grill it in the garden
  • have lunch and dinner in the shade of the garden, outdoors
  • swim to the island of Vrnik
  • take a stroll to the excellent Gavuni Restaurant for lunch if you were not served fish luck that day

Lumbarda provides many more, top wineries, good restaurants, bike trails, sandy beaches.. so we repeat for a bit of money… great pleasure…

Fixed price 64 000 €