64.000 €

NEST of love…
with the garden …

  • beautiful story in Lumbarda
  • in a quiet sunny oasis
  • picturesque fishing village
  • in a quiet sunny oasis
  • with beautiful sandy beaches
  • ideal for summer and winter
  • summer: 40 m2 garden for complete relaxation, deck chairs and "hamak"
  • outdoor stone grill
  • table and benches of carved stone
  • surrounded by citrus fruits and flowers
  • sea view from everywhere
  • swimming is -20 m with the stairs
  • winter-large room
  • desk, bed, canapés, office corner, tv
  • for two or more with a child
  • new bathroom
  • fully equipped kitchenette
  • sale with furniture
  • private parking
  • price:64.000 €
  • Ref: 49/912

One could say a GARDEN with a small apartment or an apartment with a GREAT garden with two parts, summer and winter. Since summer is ahead, it deserves the details of the first: make the most of the 40m outdoor living space to the maximum, this Mediterranean garden and its terraces, which set the stone structure as a “furnished” lounge and lack only an awning to shield you from the sun and evening dew. You will spend the summer there .. sleeping outdoors, on deck chairs or “hamak” … with the noise of the sea and sometimes a light warm breeze to cool you down instead of air conditioning … summer kitchen, stone table, stone benches, large stone grill. and from all sides the view of the sea is more beautiful than the view of the walls of the apartment  in major European cities…

20 meters below the “nest” are beaches, with crystal clear sea and they invite you  for a swim, or to jump in a small boat, just enough for fishing and enjoyment, and then as follows.. like …. washing the fish in the sea (it’s already salty) grilling it.. drinking of  excellent Dalmatian wine, and you and your friends for lunch and dinner do not leave this “restaurant” where every cook is happy.

The grill and the scent of flowers and bungevillia give an additional touch to the Dalmatian environment, to live in the simplest way and at an affordable price, for all,  64,000 euros.

You can even sail to the famous island of Vrnik, just 5 minutes away, where you will find an exotic typical Dalmatian tavern-restaurant with a terrace in front of the sea, and enjoy its special “tramonto del sole” sunset by lying in “feathery” bags full of excellent food and the cook deserves 2 stars, prices more than correct. Our Pero has invested a lot of effort for it, to become such an amazing place and ambience in this deserted islet, which became his “second child” and his “neighbor”  Stupe, the center of all summer events and Rendez Vous-and all the eminent personalities of the world, because of  that  you cannot leave Dalmatia without going to Stupe, as we who write this.

Summer is coming to an end and we enter the winter part into a more intimate space of the house, for two or more people or with a child,space  just enough to love, sleep, cook or enjoy TV.

And we concluded .. for a little money … great pleasure .. and besides, Korcula is an island without a corona virus, with clean air and sea and healthy food and healthy people … and that  is nothing.

That’s why bravo Croatia, bravo Dalmatia, bravo Korcula, korculanke, korculani, thank you and dear Marie, and also to our police who enabled us to survive this unhappy year.

You are wondering:  How much m2..just as much as you need … for that money …

“I lead you to what brings profit and not to what brings loss …”

price: 64.000 €