250.000 €


  • Perfect home, true paradise
  • The island of Korčula, the town of Lumbarda

  • Top location

  • New building, upper floor
Seafront, no road ahead
  • New furniture and equipment

  • Spacious unique living area
  • Modern kitchen, dining space
Two beautiful bedrooms with a sea view

  • Shower / toilet

  • Two terraces, total of 50 m2

  • Larger 30 m2, sea below, in front as the boat

  • Quality construction, outdoor insulation

  • Separate outdoor entrance
Parking place
Ownership 1/1

  • Pathway to the sea
  • Ref: 58-S6/92

Home is where the heart is, and the heart always strives for beauty and perfection. Living safe and quiet are values that make perfect home, an own oases where all feelings are stick together in a long lasting pleasure and satisfaction. On our island such places are mostly by the sea, exposed to the winter and summer sun, with a permanent and unobstructed view of the green nature, azure sea and blue sky. Such a place, shared with friends or dear ones (with some fund on the account as well) is an ideal home, something personal which is always kept for itself.

The apartment we are selling is located a few steps from the ground floor of a newly built seafront house in a quiet location, not far from the center of the town of Lumbarda. At the same time it is far and close to it. Far enough for stay alone and close when you decide to be seen or to see others. The town of Korčula is a few kilometers further.

Anyone who says that there is a better location on the island than this one is definitely wrong. That arrogance costs something! All is new, 100 m2 living space, two terraces of 50 m2, parking place. Please do not bargain!

Price: 250.000 €