Two or nothing!

  • In Croatia – Dalmatia
  • On the island of Korčula
  • Lumbarda village, near old town
  • Two paired stone houses
  • Next to the beach
  • 200 m2 of living space
  • Two living rooms each with terrace
  • Three bathrooms
  • Two kitchens
  • Several bedrooms
  • Additional summer and winter stone terraces
  • Outdoor covered barbecue
  • Garage for two cars with terrace
  • Air conditioning and heating (Norwegian system)
  • Water cistern with hydro-pump, city water
  • Utility rooms
  • 600 m2 of cascading gardens
  • Two boat mooring
  • Beach at seashore
  • Video surveillance
  • Ref: 741/86

When everything around us exist in pair or couple, why not to choose a home in pair? Next to the seashore we found two villas “paired” into one unit, mutually connected with terraces and gardens. After searching for more demanding customers for such a combination everywhere in Europe, we found it here in front of our nose, in the Lumbarda village, in the empire of wine & olive production, fishing, tourist services.

Why paired houses? Someone said – hundred people, hundred tastes. The former owner use for himself one house comfortably fitted and equipped, while the other for business, for renting to tourists in the season. We would say: suitable for Dalmatians! For others, the possibilities are numerous; one for me other for wife or partner, or one for me the other for kids (if there are many of them), or both houses for others – for business (tourist rentals).

The houses are comfortably furnished and equipped, made of quality stone, surrounded by trees, paths, garage, and much more; four spacious summer and winter terraces overlooking the sea and the nearby islands, cascade gardens with flowers and Mediterranean vegetation (olives, oranges, lemons, pears, etc.), a beach hidden beneath the pine trees, mooring for the boat…

For more, see you in our agency as letters and images are not efficient to describe lovely things.