45.000 €

House for an artistic soul

  • center of Žrnovo village (island of Korčula)
  • traditional Dalmatian surroundings
  • 3 km away from the town of Korčula
  • 1 km from the sea
  • stone house built in the 19th century
  • ground floor, first floor, attic
  • residential area of 100 m2, 25 m2 atelier, balcony
  • typical, massive and solid
  • renovation is required
  • ground floor is open space useful for business
  • Ref: 634-K/710

Most of the houses are works of art. Building a house several centuries ago like this one we sell in Žrnovo village, was only possible with hands of a skilled craftsmen, local masters of stone and wood, for which we use to say – artisans who have the gold hands. Experienced workers with valuable hands, without modern aids, machines, cranes and materials have built the homes we admire today. They last for centuries, not blown by the strong wind, not flooded by rain, interior not worn out of use after a couple of years. Everything is massive and solid.

The house’s ground floor was used for decades as business place. At the beginning of the 20th century it was a “torkul” for olive oil processing, later a carpentry workshop. The same could be today, perhaps a restaurant, a wine bar, a cafe, an atelier. Above, the first floor and the attic could be a living space. True museum dedicated to past times. For such an aim an artist’s soul is needed.

The house is located in the center of Žrnovo village 3 km away from the old town of Korčula, 1 km from the sea, along the local road passing through the village. The total area is 100 m2. Reconstruction is needed.


Price : 45.000 €