150.000 €

LOCATION, location,

  • The island of Korčula, the town of Vela Luka
Building construction started in a small bay 

  • South side, view to south-west
Land plot 1840 m2
Base of 120 m2
Roughly built ground and 1st floor
  • Ref: 753/812

Real estate agents tells that the whole job is turning around three big letters “L”. They’re right! Location is the key that opens most of the buyer’s senses, and if the personal philosophy of living coincides with the location, then everything else is opening, including the wallet. Real estate buyers often are dreaming about a unique place in peaceful oases, while working, or while living inside apartment’s walls, or while walking along the streets of large urban centers. They are willing to pay whatever the seller asks for the dreaming place.

For such a dreamer we have found a special location two kilometers away from the town of Vela Luka, a place on the western part of the island of Korčula. On a mild hill side, facing south, on a plot of approximately 1840 m2, the seller started and later stopped building the house. It happens in Croatia, maybe elsewhere! Life sometimes brings surprises! He abandoned the location, the divine view of the bay of Vela Luka, the surround greenery, the sea, the ships passing through, the future paradise in his own imagination, thus leaving the finish to others who might continue with present or start everything new according to their own desires.

Roughly-built house is 2 x 120 m2: a solid foundation, base floor and first floor. Everything else is up to the buyer. We promise that the ideas will enter into your mind while staying on the terrace, watching the sea and absorbing up the sounds and scents of nature around.

Price: 150.000 €


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