VIGANJ, my love…

  • Rhapsody in blue
  • Detached villa by the sea

  • Completely renovated in 1999
Peninsula Pelješac, town of Viganj

  • Plot area 588 m2
Total useful surface of the object 240 m2

  • American project, residential part on one level
Spacious living room - salon

  • Three large bedrooms

  • Three bathrooms / WC
Equipped kitchen
Terraces, patio
  • Sea view to Pelješac channel and island of Korčula
Two garages

  • Cultivated surroundings

  • A separate cottage with fireplace
Sandy beach in front of the house
  • Ref: 755/812

I was born here, I spent my youth in you, because of you I fell in love with her, with your merit I became an athlete instead of an “official” even though we need them. You taught me how to swim, sail, believe in yourself, fight with you, your whims, with your unpredictable winds, made me a strong and unshakable man, a windsurfing champion thanks to your Viganj waves…

What else could be expected from Gershwin, who traveled across America absorbing inspirational noises and sounds, but a first-rate art work. In the same way what could be expected from Americans who want to build a “nest” in the land of their grandmothers and grandfathers, than a first-rate work in the form of a Californian villa.

Most people are enjoying in both: the magical sounds of Rhapsody in blue and in the rhapsody of green-blue landscape of the Pelješac hills below which, just next to the sea and the beach, our villa is located.

The villa was completely renovated in 1999. It is located in the first row to the sea on a plot of 588 m2. It was built according to the American project, all are spacious and open, large rooms, terraces, salon, kitchen, wide access to the two garages. The courtyard is completely cultivated. The pebble beach is just few steps away, right in the front of the house.

Nowadays is time for diversity in every sense. People love challenges, and in most cases their desires are opposite of present conditions. So our “Americans” run away from the oasis of peace and beauty back to the US Pacific shore, leaving to the future buyer their green-blue rhapsody on Pelješac peninsula. Sometime in the future they could regret it!