40.000 €

small CASTLE

  • in Croatia near the sea
  • living area of 120m2
  • ruinous stone house
  • in the center of the village
  • close to all facilities
  • 2,5 km from the old town of Korcula
  • terrace on the upper floor
  • old stone thresholds and stairs
  • a deep tank
  • large basement
  • fireplace
  • complete redeployment is required
  • Ref: 727-K/83

Just like that! A small castle in the Žrnovo village!

Not only queens and princesses (kings and princes stay only overnight) live in castles, but common people do as well. It was quite usual in the village of Žrnovo, a place built mainly of stone and some wood for roof construction, as no other materials were available several centuries ago. Each portion of these houses (small castles) was carefully planned and masterfully built.

Today they look like this one, as in photographs, abandoned and pitiful, besides as most of houses or castles that have not been used for decades. They are waiting for renewal, a new beginning and a new soul.

In the interior of this house about 120 m2 of useful space can be arranged, perhaps to retain some of the old stone elements, and thus give to this little castle a spark of original value and beauty.

It is located in the center of the place a few kilometers from the sea and the old town of Korčula.

Price: 40.000 €