in the bed…

  • in Korčula
  • town of culture, joy and love
  • ground floor of renovated stone house
  • aquarium with gold fishes
  • studio apartment
  • beautiful furnished
  • equipped kitchen
  • dining room, bathroom
  • out of bed – into the sea
  • Ref: 027-S/511

In beautiful ground floor in restored old stone house in the old town of Korčula this studio apartment will offer you all kinds of enjoyments, because it’s so beautifully furnished and decorated that it could be adjusted to all kinds of lifestyle and all your imagination.

You get out of bed and jump into the sea…, you have a dinner on the terrace in front of your apartment and the wine „Plavac Mali“ on the table will accompany you in the summer atmosphere of joy… and you are the neighbour to one of the finest and most beautiful restaurants of Dalmatia «Lešić Dimitri».

„Neither America, Canada, nor Australia“ as Coce sang could not be compared with it and could not afford it, just beautiful Korčula, our «small Dubrovnik», can.

A completely equipped kitchen, a dining room, a beautiful stone bar with inbuilt aquarium, where is enough place also for other gold fishes, well-chosen place for a wide bed, and a bathroom will make you wish to spend unforgettable moments in Korčula with other «gold fish» if you catch them…