• in the old town
  • in a quiet street with sea view
  • 40 m from the sea
  • approx 20 sqm apartment
  • modern and well equipped
  • charmingly
  • A "must have"
  • Ref: 469/53

With real reason we can say that the most beautiful island in Dalmatia is Korcula…


So much singed her stone that throughout history decorated with sea and islets.

The narrow streets, each with access to the promenade by the sea and has its own story.

In this way, in one of them lies Korčula old house with a cellar.

It does Partie old, but love for the streets not pale.So the younger generation gave life to this tavern and turned in a romantic suite with a soul.

The current owners are the real artists, who have their hands revived this stone shell.

Mrs owner gave her charm, a Mr owner, a famous interior designer made it all the furniture from wood.

Carefully arranged to the smallest detail, carved in stone that protects from the summer swelter.

Drawn in “Strada” just enough to breeze stroked.

Who is the one passed through the street, even in hair has a salt and skin taste of the sea.

It is the liveliest souvenir worn out Korcula. This is why we back to Korcula .

Remembering the heat of summer and the sound of mandolins…