139 000 €

LUMBARDA, stone house
by the sea…

  • near the town of Korcula
  • fisherman's stone house
  • with a yard of approximately 50 m2
  • 7 steps to the sea and beaches
  • dining room with kitchen
  • two large rooms
  • toilet, bathroom
  • outdoor fireplace
  • centennial tavern approximately 50 m2
  • protected from view and all winds
  • fixed price 139 000 €
  • without negotiating
  • no buyer commission
  • Ref: 830/202

In her tavern, we poured a “beetle” of wine from a barrel, sitting on a wooden bench admiring the centennial stone of the cellar arch .. and the pictures, fragances and colors of almost forgotten times were brought to life … and what a pleasure it would be to revive and live like in the past ..

And everything was there again, grandpa’s fish hook, his boat in from of the house, the smell of freshly caught fish and grandmother’s salsa of tomato.. Her court still smells of murtilla and lavender flower … to the sea is still a few steps away .. the stone “old lady” it is still beautiful .. preserved …

For those who love Lumbarda, its sea and bays, its landscape surrounded by vineyards and long hot sunny days..she is there ..

You can rest in her court with barbecue and shade of fig tree, sleep in silence in one of the rooms and whenever you want to go, descend immediately , to the sea is 7 m, choosing a beach, sandy, pebble or secluded stone, not far from the famous Feral restaurant or near the Sports bar,diving club, or hobby cat ..

Now we should write squares, meters, technical data, but somehow .. it is too much for now with these impressions.. While walking along the sea we follow the sunset behind the Vrnik…

fixed price 139 000 €

đani Fabris panoramic