STONE house with gardens
near the sea

  • stone house 100 years old
  • about 70 m2 of living space
  • terrace in front
  • with a garden, 250 sqm, full of olive trees and fruit
  • view of the sea and islands
  • top location
  • close to the beach
  • 2 large parking
  • needs to be renovated for little money
  • price without competition
  • Ref: 441/51

The money does not talk about richness.

This is a story about a special place on Korčula. There a sea “smell” in every „coner“.

The beaches are the sheets of her bed, and vines and fig are the soul of her life.

Grapes are riveted on a dress made of stone, and the islets in front, beads that her “fringe”.

All this is Lumbarda in the lace of foam of the sea when the south wind is.

And one stone house that is waiting to rekindle her fireplace and sang a song about her “islet”.

An in-depth look through the magic window, see the story of the rich life.

It is situated in front of the island Vrnik a beautiful place near the beach and surprising views of the sea and islands and dominated the entire archipelago.

Its garden and terrace could look like a little paradise.

It is now deserted and deserves to be this 70 m2 and possibly more, renovating for little money and added a terrace on the first floor.

There are other garden about 200 m2 full of olive trees, fruits and vegetables also with sea view and even with two parking spaces.

With great potential and possibilities, one that will put a little effort could enjoy a place like this Lumbarda.


Price without competition


stone house with gardens near the sea