266 000 €

at the seafront …

  • Here are the criteria…
  • On the Peljesac peninsula
  • along the coast
  • beach in front (7 m)
  • eternally sunny Orebić
  • gf+1floor + loft
  • 120 m2 of living space
  • 5 large bedrooms
  • preserved
  • Antique furniture
  • Electricity, water
  • Ownership 1/1
  • Price: 266 000 €
  • Ref: 834/204

We all love stories from the past times about captains who sailed the oceans in that times, and back then … bringing home valuables, new knowledge and stories about distant worlds and civilizations and their customs …

Orebic is a city of captains and history with the sea – and to the rich families of Orebic captains today they are still reminiscent of beautiful coastal houses, with gardens full of exotic plants,

in the 19th century Orebic had a fleet of 33 overseas sailing ships.

This stone house is part of such  story … surrounded by captain’s houses, by the seashore, 7 m from the beach and the bridge, and its 7 windows that all look out to sea … because you know … there is a legend … once upon a time ..one girl for years … waited  her love to come back from afar..and every boat that sailed into the port…wakened her hope … but waiting for her love for years … in the house by the sea ..she turned into the most beautiful flower of salt … says the legend…

And our house is waiting … and will welcomed you, because rare are these beauties for sale in such  unique place, so desirable for many.

The owner of this house was a artist-painter .. (and his grandfather a naval-captain), the loft was his studio with a window … and the artistic spirit is drawn in every corner of this centuries-old beauty.

We are writing centuries old, and she is even older, as evidenced by her furniture in the same years, so we kept the pictures found in the loft, and you will decide how to preserve some memories from past times before you “dress” the house in knauf and new design furniture.

It is located in a residential part of Orebic, next to the beach, has 120 m2 of living space, is preserved, antique, thick stone walls protect you from the heat in summer, and in the winter from the cold, historical interior, kitchen, dining room, living room on the ground floor, with rooms on the first floor, and an atelier in the loft from whose window the view goes straight to Stupe …trendy islet!

For such a rarity, with the purchase you not only get squares and walls, but also part of the history of … Pelješac sailors …

Price:  266 000 €