I want it all…

  • nice part of Korčula town
  • more museum as a house
  • 570 years old
  • evidence is built in
  • more than 120 m2 of living space
  • 4 studio apartments
  • completely equipped and comfortable
  • 15 m from the sea and swimming
  • Ref: 027-K/511

You will have everything in Korčula: sea, center, luxury, love and earnings!

This house – museum, 570 years old is an evidence of that period and it is completely renovated by the conservators rule because its position in a protected area. In fact, it has no price!

It proudly stands in the oldest street of the old town of Korčula, 15 m from the sea and swimming.

Its 4 studio apartments are completely equipped, comfortable with all modern comfort in the center of old tradition, at the same time they represent a 40.000 € yearly earnings by the summer renting. This is a perfect investment that could last forever.

Probably it is unique in Dalmatia, because of its position, tradition of stone which value doesn’t pale.

It is hard to know which of these 4 „nests“ is more beautiful, because each has its own story, its own imagination and its own life, and the owner invested into them everything he saw, learned and felt travelling around the world.

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy in a typical loft with a stunning fire place and with a little bit of imagination spend some unforgettable moments…?

Such a museum will suit only to connoisseurs of culture, and it already seems that it won’t be a long time for sale.