About Croatia

You’ll find Croatia on the southern end of Europe, on the Adriatic sea coast. The inland area of the country is 56,542 km2 and the seaside contains 31,067 km2. This country is in a quiet part of Europe with well preserved nature, relaxed and peaceful people and healthy food. This is a country with crystal-clear seas, numerous islands, forests and untouched nature, which make it a paradise.

There are 8 protected national parks in Croatia and these are natural oases of southern Europe, a quiet corner ideal for relaxation, winding down and enjoying a pleasant life-style.

Each year Croatia is visited by approx. 13 mil tourists who predominantly come to coastal areas and islands because croatian coast is as long as 5,835 kms and the number of large and small islands and adorned by cliffs runs to 1,246.

Croatia is connected to the rest of Europe with modern motorways, ships and airlines with the rest of the world.

You are always WELCOME to Croatia, people are open and friendly to foreigners and can easily accept cultural diffences.

London – Dubrovnik: 2h45
Paris – Dubrovnik: 2h15
Frankfurt – Dubrovnik: 1h50
Venezia – Dubrovnik: 1h30
Barcelona – Dubrovnik: 2h15

About Korcula

Korčula is without doubt one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic, and its old town a true museum of architecture. Its characteristics are: sea, sun, forests, hills, sea air and fresh air.

There are several beaches, a beautiful park with many hiking trails and many activities : excursions, mountaineering, fishing, a world center for windsurfing, sailing, tennis, theater, cinema, concerts, dance, water polo.

There are daily fast connections with Split, Dubrovnik, Orebić and the island of Hvar.

The beautiful newly opened road which crosses the tops of the entire island of Korčula (approx. 50 km) offers a unique panorama of the islands of Mljet, Lastovo, Hvar and Pelješac peninsula.

Bathing is a treat in the middle of a crystal clear sea water. Temperature is exceptionally pleasant because even in the middle of summer there is no extremes of heat and the air is not too humid.

In the summer time, the city and the island of Korcula have a busy life style, filled with entertainment, events and various activities.

The city and the island become a second home for many tourists and travelers. In this part of the year everything and everyone is focussed on tourism and how to satisfy the wishes of many tourists.

Winter, spring and fall are the seasons when you can really get to know people and the island. It is a time when local people become farmers and fishermen, it’s time when you can truly experience the life on the island and the people.

Very mild winters allow us to spend time in the nature and with the nature.

For this reason, all connoisseurs and true nature lovers know that in order to have thier living corner in this world means to have a part of the island with multiple returns of loyality to them!