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Leasure property, Sale, Korčula, Žrnovo
460.000,00 €


Want the American Dream? It's here! Especially for those who want a high standard, something unseen, unexpected, surprising, but not so much...

Leasure property, Sale, Korčula, Žrnovo
340.000,00 €

120 m2 ULTRA MODERN… at the sea…

On perhaps the most beautiful location on the island of Korčula, in a large bay west of the old town, in a recently built apartment complex, sty...

Leasure property, Sale, Orebić, Orebić
144.000,00 €

…for a COMFORTABLE life…

This villa Michele is situated in the romantic place of Orebic on the Peljesac peninsula. The most beautiful beaches, one more beautiful than the...

Flat in an urban villa, Sale, Orebić, Orebić
122.000,00 €

ENJOY…. in your life… in this part of the world…

….because the old captain once said that Orebić coast is the most beautiful in the world, and his experience has to be trusted here.Follow h...

Flat in an urban villa, Sale, Orebić, Orebić
173.000,00 €

A NEW FLAT unique location!

In a newly built residential area, we are selling an apartment of 138 m2, with a large living room, an impressive terrace, with open views of the...

Split-level flat, Sale, Korčula, Korčula
205.000,00 €

in the HEART of Korčula town

Our agency specializes in selling such exceptional properties that are part of history, so Marco Polo has actually become our client! The town of...