Apartments for sale

Split-level flat, Sale, Korčula, Korčula
168.000,00 €

Apartment like a "CAVE" KORČULA town

This "cave" of love is right in the center of the city ...All the rooms mentioned above are covered with stone  it is an indescribable combina...

Split-level flat, Sale, Korčula, Korčula
295.000,00 €

modern APT ... ... in PALACE from 15th Ct

The entrance in the old town of Korcula, it is sublime, solemn, special ... so is this apartment.From the carved stone hall, the Ismailis Palac...

Leasure property, Sale, Korčula, Žrnovo
395.000,00 €

Good INVESTMENT, excellent income ...

On perhaps the most beautiful location on the island of Korčula, in a large bay west of the old town, in a recently built apartment complex, sty...

Flat in an urban villa, Sale,
159.000,00 €

NEW... luxury APARTMENT ... like white, blue DREAM...

Living in such a luxurious apartment today is quite rare in such a location... surrounded by the scents, the color of the sky and the sea, on the...

Split-level flat, Sale, Korčula, Korčula
159.000,00 €

KORCULA center, duplex apartment as a HOUSE ...

 In the very center of Korčula, town dating from the 5th century, this is rare property to restore.If nature could show affection, we might...

Split-level flat, Sale, Korčula, Korčula
205.000,00 €

in the HEART of Korčula town

Our agency specializes in selling such exceptional properties that are part of history, so Marco Polo has actually become our client! The town of...